Radnor Township Historic Asset Inventory

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Shown here are the sites considered most historic in Radnor Township. Individual districts are deliniated with shapes of various colors. To browse the assets within these individual districts, click on the marker on that district and follow the corresponding link.

Note: Areas denoted as "districts" are not necessarily designated historic districts, but rather they are clusters of many historic assets. Districts in green (D1, D2, D3) are currently designated districts, and those in purple are believed to be potential districts.

To see the inventory survey sheet for any asset, copy the ID number at the top of that asset's marker balloon, and search for that number in the inventory database (last updated 1/2019).

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Do you want to suggest an addition to the inventory? Do you have additional information about something already on the survey? Do you want to suggest a correction? Do you want to help us fill in the blanks? If so, please Contact us!

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