Radnor Historic Building Marker Program

The Radnor Historical Society's Historic Building Marker Program was formed to make the public more aware of Radnor’s magnificent historic buildings, a unique treasure on the Main Line. Radnor possesses a multitude of historical building types, including large estates, suburban properties, modest homes, and historic commercial buildings in various downtown business districts. It is the hope of the society that these markers will serve not only to identify buildings of historical and architectural significance, but that they will, through heightened community awareness, encourage the continuing care and preservation of individual buildings.

Before a marker application can be accepted, RHS must determine if enough information is known about the resource to warrant a marker, and if it meets our general guidelines including a construction date of 1945 or before. Although many buildings in Radnor are well-documented, unfortunately we do not have historical data on every township property. Generally, RHS has the most information about the North Wayne, South Wayne and Downtown Wayne areas, though we do have information on many other structures (as found in our inventory). At this time we can only award markers to buildings which have a sufficient amount of data collected in our inventory; however, if the property owner has additional information that RHS does not, they are welcome to submit their own research (with citations). Marker eligibility will be based solely on the building's exterior, will not restrict any physical attributes (including paint color), and will not require any additional township historical review. This is strictly a voluntary program administered by the Radnor Historical Society and is not related to township ordinances or the Historic and Architectural Review Board (HARB).

Applications will be initiated by the property owner who will bear the cost and maintenance of the marker. The marker will be cast bronze and will include the building’s date and when known, historical information such as, but not limited to, its name, original owner, builder and architect. A typical marker's dimensions will be 11"x7", though the dimensions may vary if required by the building's architecture.

We are currently accepting applications for markers. Applications for markers will be reviewed by a committee established by the RHS and decisions to award markers will be made based on specific guidelines and criteria. Custom fabricated markers with the RHS logo will be distributed to the property owner upon the successful completion of the application, research and paid fee of $200.00 per plaque. Production time for the markers may vary. Forms and further information are available below, or from the Society at 113 West Beechtree Lane, Wayne, PA 19087. For further information, please write to marker@radnorhistory.org.


What information can be included on the marker?

The information displayed on the marker will be at the discretion of the RHS based on research indicating what is most relevant to the historic significance of the property. Information on the marker will be limited to four lines, which may include:

Building Name:
If a property was given a name at any time in its history, that name might be shown.

Former Owner Name
Based on historical research, the name of a prominent past owner may be included. The current owner’s name will not be placed on the marker.

Based on historical research, the date displayed on the marker will be the year in which the building was built. If there are significant historical architectural additions and their dates are known, they may be displayed as well. If the RHS is unable to determine an exact date for the property, a “c.” meaning “circa” will be placed before the date (which may be a range, i.e. "c. 1884-1887"), indicating that the date is approximate.

Architect and/or Builder:
If the original architect and/or builder of the building is known, those names could be included.

Radnor Historical Society Logo:
All markers will include the Radnor Historical Society name at the bottom of the marker.


Approval of Owner

Before the marker is to be manufactured, the information to be included on the plaque will be sent to the applicant for approval.

Marker prototype and rendering images (click to enlarge)




Download the marker application form (PDF)

Download the marker guidelines and criteria (PDF)

Supporting Documentation (voluntary information, but would help with research) (PDF)

Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation

Any questions can be sent to marker@radnorhistory.org.

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