Radnor Township Historic Asset Inventory

Radnor's Historic Resources: Complete List

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Resources Outside of Districts: Districts:
Houses District 1: North Wayne
Secondary Buildings District 2: South Wayne
Bridges District 3: Louella Court
Public/Commercial/Social Buildings District 4: Downtown Wayne
Education Buildings District 5: St. Davids
Religious Structures District 6: St. Davids West
Transportation-related District 7: Ithan
Objects District 8: Ardrossan
Landscapes/Sites District 9: Garrett Hill
Viewsheds District 10: Villanova University
Demolished District 11: VFMA/Cabrini/Eastern
District 12: Banjotown

Houses (not within districts)
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H001 512 Chaumont Drive, Villanova The Peak
H002 230 Sproul Road, Villanova Todd House
H003 615 County Line Rd., Wayne Bel Orme
H004 425 Darby-Paoli Road, Wayne Matlack, Nathan House
H005 737 South Ithan Avenue, Bryn Mawr Hilltop Preparatory School
H006 603 Fox Field Road, Bryn Mawr Spring Valley
H007 940 Mill Road, Bryn Mawr Meadow Lodge
H008 101 South Spring Mill Road, Villanova Chuckswood
H009 512 King of Prussia Road, Wayne Hillside
H010 560 Sproul Road, Villanova Hillsover / Launfal / Academy of Notre Dame de Namur
H011 158 Vassar Cir. Villanova, Woodstock
H012 166 Vassar Circle, Villanova Woodstock Barn
H013 401 South Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr Wootton / St. Aloysius Academy
H014 105 Brooke Farm Road, Wayne Brooke Farm House
H014A 105 Brooke Farm, Wayne Brooke Farm Barn
H015 812 Maplewood Avenue, Wayne Morgan, David House
H016 300 Landover Rd. Bryn Mawr Sheaff Farm
H016A 300 Landover Road, Bryn Mawr Sheaff Farm Barn
H017 1000 Sproul Road, Bryn Mawr Read, Thomas House / Stadley Tract House
H017A Sproul Road Read, Thomas Barn
H017B 108 Leighton Drive, Bryn Mawr Read, Thomas Carriage House
H018 500 Conestoga Road, Villanova Siter, Adam House
H018A 500 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
H019 875 Church Road, Wayne Cornog House (status unknown)
H020 461 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova Matlack, Simeon House
H021 700 Sproul Road, Bryn Mawr Evans, Nathan House
H022 322 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr Castlefinn Farm
H022A 314 S. Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr Castlefinn Farm Barn
H023 676 Church Road, Wayne Kinterra
H024 221 Atlee Road, Wayne Siter, William House / Ford Hook
H025 1 Meadowood Rd, Rosemont , (or 765 Conestoga Rd.)  
H026 1 Earles Lane, Newtown Square Millmaster's House
H027 751 Conestoga Road, Bryn Mawr Carear, Abraham Farm
H027A 1 1/2 Earles Lane, Newtown Square Outbuilding of Millmaster's House
H028 930 Coopertown Road, Bryn Mawr Glenays / Leighton House
H029 738 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr Radnor Hunt
H030 752 Brooke Road, Wayne Poplar House
H031 745 Newtown Road, Villanova Camp-Woods
H032 260 Gulph Creek Road, Wayne Harford
H033 404 Cheswick Place, Bryn Mawr Beaupre / Presbyterian Village
H034 30 West Ave., Wayne Woodlea / Caley Nursing Home
H035 200 E. Laurier Place, Bryn Mawr Laurier
H036 220 Ravenscliff, Wayne Ravenscliff
H036A unknown Woodlea Carriage House
H037 490 Darby Paoli Road, Villanova, Rose Garland / Maral Brook / The Willows
H038 747-53 Brooke Road, Wayne Chanticleer
H039 452 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr Glencoe
H040 739 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova Faunamede
H041 325 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr Ballyshannon
H042 821 Mill Road (also 408 Barbara Lane), Bryn Mawr Blabon Mansion
H043 200 South Ithan Avenue, Villanova Bloomfield
H044 620 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Siter, Sarah House
H045 752 Brooke Road, Wayne  
H046 955 Parkes Run Lane, Villanova  
H047 Godfrey Road Hardwicke / Somersby / Overbrook Golf Club
H048 860 Goshen Road, Newtown Square Valley Brook Farm
H049 228 South Radnor-Chester Road, Villanova Gray Walls
H050 264 Ithan Creek Road, Villanova Derlwyn
H051 975 Mill Road, Bryn Mawr Casa Mia / Millridge
H052 609 Portledge, Bryn Mawr Portledge
H053 4 Shannon Circle, Bryn Mawr Westview
H054 280 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr Smith, Alexander House
H055 501 South Ithan Avenue, Villanova Worrell, Joseph W. Tenant House
H056 1 Wistar Road, Villanova  
H057 260 S. Radnor Chester Rd. Wayne Hillbrook
H058 138 Patton Lane, Wayne  
H059 130 Biddulph Road, Wayne Greyrook
H060 301 Windsor Avenue, Wayne  
H061 550 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
H062 439 King of Prussia Rd., Wayne  
H063 489 Upper Gulph Road, Wayne Little Hilltop / Howe Mansion
H064 845 King of Prussia Road, Wayne Knollhurst
H065 103 Patton Lane, Radnor,  
H066 225 Upper Gulph Road, Radnor  
H067 204 Strafford Avenue, Wayne,  
H069 218 Strafford Avenue, Wayne  
H070 504 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Brentwood
H071 109 Cumberland Hill, Bryn Mawr  
H071 211 Strafford Avenue, Wayne  
H072 205 Arden Road, Radnor  
H073 208 Ashwood Road, Villanova  
H074 113 Cumberland Place, Bryn Mawr PA  
H075 115 Cumberland Place, Bryn Mawr  
H076 7 Harford Lane, Wayne  
H077 480 King of Prussia Road, Wayne  
H078 198 Berwind Cir. Radnor  
H079 349 Montrose Road, Villanova Montrose
H080 168 Patton Lane, Radnor  
H081 200 Pine Tree Road, Wayne Rock Rose
H082 213 Pine Tree Road, Wayne  
H083 201 N. Spring Mill Road, Villanova  
H084 821 King of Prussia Road, Radnor  
H085 823 King of Prussia Road, Radnor  
H086 110 Woods Lane, Radnor The Woods
H087 560 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr Fox Hill Farm
H088 658 Brooke Road, Wayne  
H089 407 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
H090 533 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
H091 789 Darby Paoli Road, Villanova Ludwig's Lust
H092 109 Drakes Drum Drive, Bryn Mawr  
H093 3 Haymarket Lane, Bryn Mawr  
H094 105 Highfield Road, Villanova  
H095 265 Hothorpe Lane, Villanova  
H096 275 Hothorpe Lane, Villanova  
H097 103 Quaker Lane, Villanova  
H098 104 Quaker Lane, Villanova  
H099 264 Radnor Chester Road, Radnor  
H100 104 S. Spring Mill Road, Villanova  
H101 544 Chandler Lane, Villanova  
H102 209 Tower Road, Villanova  
H103 229 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
H104 233 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
H105 237 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
H106 241 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
H107 245 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
H108 480 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
H109 809 Mill Road, Bryn Mawr  
H110 823 Mill Road, Bryn Mawr  
H111 270 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
H112 715 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr, Phillips Barn
H113 719 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr Phillips House
H114 812 Castlefinn Lane, Bryn Mawr  
H115 810 Castlefinn Lane, Bryn Mawr  
H116 827 Castlefinn Lane, Bryn Mawr  
H117 461 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr  
H118 206 Atlee Road, Wayne  
H119 601 Maplewood Road, Wayne  
H120 419 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
H121 415 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
H122 425 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne Rockland
H123 774 Conestoga Road, Rosemont Pine Cottage
H124 731 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
H125 407 S. Ithan Avenue, Rosemont  
H126 306 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr  
H127 530 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr  
H128 460 Wyldhaven Road, Rosemont  
H129 555 Sproul Road, Villanova Radnor Valley Country Club
H130 115 Strafford Avenue, Wayne Percy Colket House / Villa Strafford
H131 676 Conestoga Road, Villanova Islefield
H132 7 Woodsworth Court, Wayne Woodsworth
H133 3 Radnor Way, Radnor  
H134 8 Radnor Way, Radnor  
H135 9 Radnor Way, Radnor  
H136 10 Radnor Way, Radnor  
H137 13 Radnor Way, Radnor  
H138 15 Radnor Way, Radnor  
H139 114-116 Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
H140 118 Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
H141 120-122 Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
H142 124 Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
H143 126 Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
H144 111-113 Francis Avenue, Wayne  
H145 115-117 Francis Avenue, Wayne  
H146 119-121 Francis Avenue, Wayne  
H147 123-125 Francis Avenue, Wayne  
H148 585 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr  
H149 591 County Line Road, Wayne  
H150 735 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr  
H151 767 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr  
H152 874 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr  
H153 884-886 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr  
H154 896 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr  
H155 900 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr  
H156 906-908 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr  
H157 1106 County Line Road, Villanova  
H158 1108 County Line Road, Villanova  
H159 1112-1114 County Line Road, Villanova  
H160 1122 County Line Road, Villanova  
H161 1426 County Line Road, Villanova  
H162 1430 County Line Road, Villanova  
H163 1440 County Line Road, Villanova  
H164 1444 County Line Road, Villanova  
H165 1448 County Line Road, Villanova  
H166 1452 County Line Road, Villanova  
H167 1530 County Line Road, Villanova  
H168 202-204 Gulph Creek Road, Wayne  
H169 206-208 Gulph Creek Road, Wayne  
H170 709 Moore Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
H171 730 Moore Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
Secondary Buildings (not within districts)
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S01 801 East Lancaster Avenue, Villanova Ashwood Manor Gatehouse
S02 548 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr Fox Hill Farm Gatehouse
S03 411 Gulph Creek Road, Radnor  
S04 270 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr  
S05 599 Longchamps Drive, Devon DeSchaunsee Carriage House
S06 634 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Harding, Joseph Barn
S07 223 Berwind Road, Wayne Carriage House
Bridges (not within districts)
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B01 Goshen Road Goshen Road Bridge
B02 Bryn Mawr Avenue Bridge #2, Bryn Mawr Avenue
B03 Saw Mill Road, Newtown Square Bridge at Saw Mill Road
B04 King of Prussia Road, Radnor Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge at King of Prussia Road
B05 Sugartown Road, Wayne Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Sugartown Road
B06 South Devon Avenue, Wayne Philadelphia & Western Bridge at South Devon Avenue
B07 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne Philadelphia & Western Bridge at West Wayne Avenue
B08 Maplewood Road, Wayne Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Maplewood Road
B09 Brooke Road, Wayne Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Brooke Road
B10 Church Road, Wayne Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Church Road
B11 Conestoga Road, Ithan Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Conestoga Road
B12 Lancaster Avenue, Villanova Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Lancaster Avenue
B13 Sproul Road, Villanova Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Sproul Road
B14 Aldwyn Lane, Villanova Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Kenilworth Road
B15 Ithan Avenue, Villanova Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Ithan Avenue
B16 Conestoga Road, Rosemont Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Conestoga Road, Rosemont
B17 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr Philadelphia & Western Bridge at Roberts Road
B18 Radnor, Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge over the Philadelphia & Western
B19 Clyde Rd. Bryn Mawr, Stone bridge near Ithan Valley Park
B20 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova Stone bridge on Darby-Paoli Road at Brooke Rd.
Public/Commercial/Social Buildings (not within districts)
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P01 Ithan Avenue and Conestoga Road, Bryn Mawr Sorrel Horse Inn / Agnes Irwin School
P02 1051 Conestoga Road, Bryn Mawr Lawrence, Henry Building / Conestoga Mill Restaurant
P03 717 Maplewood Avenue, Wayne Mill Dam Club
P04 Ithan Road Evans Mill
P05 304 King of Prussia Road, Radnor Dillin's Store
P06 214 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr Bryn Mawr Hospital Thrift Shop Donation Center
P07 145 King of Prussia Rd. Radnor Wyeth Laboratories
P08 550 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne B. Altman & Co.
P09 250 King of Prussia Road, Radnor TV Guide Headquarters / Penn Medicine
P10 34 West Avenue, Wayne Bryn Mawr Trust
P11 328 Upper Gulph Road, Wayne Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals Bungalow
Education Buildings (not within districts)
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E01 304 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne Baptist School House
E02   Wayne Elementary School
E03   Ithan Elementary School
Religious Structures (not within districts)
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R01 203 Highland Avenue, Wayne St. John's A.M.E. Church
R02 246 Highland Avenue, Wayne Second Baptist Church
R03 Conestoga Road, Villanova Christ Church Ithan
Transportation-related (not within districts)
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T01 Conestoga Road Conestoga Road
T02 Sproul Road (Route 320) Sproul Road
T03 Darby-Paoli Road Darby-Paoli Road
T04 Lancaster Avenue Lancaster Avenue
T05 1045 East Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr Toll House
T06 501 Conestoga Road, Wayne Philadelphia & Western Railway Substation #1
T07 804 County Line Road, Bryn Mawr White Hall Station
T08 Matsonford Road, Radnor Radnor Station
T09   P&W Station Pylons - Sugartown Road Station
T10 P&W Station Pylons - West Wayne Station  
T11 P&W Concrete Bridge Supports, east of West Wayne Ave.  
T12 P&W Station Pylons - Wayne-St. Davids Station  
T13 P&W Station Pylons - Ithan Station  
Objects (not within districts)
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O01 Radnor-Chester Road at King of Prussia Road, Radnor High Stone Wall
O02 South Valley Forge Road, Wayne Stone walls along South Valley Forge Road
O03 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr Wall on both sides of Bryn Mawr Avenue, east of Sproul Road.
O04 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova Lauranto entrance gates, fountain and wall
O05 Ithan Avenue, Bryn Mawr Stone wall along Ithan Ave.
O06 Mill Road, Bryn Mawr Stone wall along Mill Road
O07 Pine Tree Road, Wayne Gate on Pine Tree Road
O08 500 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Gate and posts around St. Davids Park Condominiums
O09 Conestoga Road, Rosemont Beaupre gate posts on Conestoga Road
O10 South Ithan Avenue, Bryn Mawr Beaupre gate posts on South Ithan Avenue
Landscapes (not within districts)
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L01 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne First Baptist Church Cemetery
L02 Arden Road, Wayne Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals graveyard
L03   Skunk Hollow
L03A   Mill ruins at Skunk Hollow
L04   Ithan Valley Park
L04A   Mill ruins at Ithan Valley Park
L04B   Gate/fence at Ithan Valley Park
Demolished (not within districts)
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X01 734 Lancaster Avenue, Radnor Fendall House
X02 214 Ashwood Road, Villanova Ashwood Manor
X03 Hunt Road Tolstoi House
X04 Coopertown Road  
X05 620 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Harding, Joseph House (demolished)
X06 321 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr  
X07 Highland Avenue, Wayne Highland Homes
X08   Eastern University Log Cabin
District 1 - North Wayne
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D1 North Wayne Avenue, etc. North Wayne / Wayne Estate
D1-H001 122 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H002 126 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H003 131 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne New Tower House
D1-H004 132 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Round End House
D1-H005 200 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H006 208 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Pillar House, Abend Ruhe
D1-H007 210 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Colonial House
D1-H008 213 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne New Tower House
D1-H009 214 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Flemish House
D1-H010 218 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H011 222 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Flemish House
D1-H012 224 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne  
D1-H013 229 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H014 230 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H015 233 E. Beechtree Lane, Wayne Round End House
D1-H016 401 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Round End House
D1-H017 406 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H018 407 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Pillar House, Edgewood
D1-H019 412 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H020 413 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Flemish House
D1-H021 414 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Flemish House
D1-H022 418 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Colonial House
D1-H023 419 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H024 424 Chestnut Lane, Wayne Round End House
D1-H025 425 Chestnut Lane, Wayne New Tower House, Bon Air
D1-H026 723 Eagle Road, Wayne  
D1-H027 808 Eagle Road, Wayne  
D1-H028 916 Eagle Road, Wayne  
D1-H029 920 Eagle Road, Wayne  
D1-H030 306 Oak Lane, Wayne  
D1-H031 310 Oak Lane, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H032 311 Oak Lane, Wayne Round End House, Beech Holme
D1-H033 400 Oak Lane, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H034 401 Oak Lane, Wayne Medium Cottage
D1-H035 404 Oak Lane, Wayne Medium Cottage
D1-H036 405 Oak Lane, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H037 408 Oak Lane, Wayne Bruin Lodge
D1-H038 409 Oak Lane, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H039 410 Oak Lane, Wayne Bruin Lodge
D1-H040 412 Oak Lane, Wayne Bruin Lodge
D1-H041 413 Oak Lane, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H042 414 Oak Lane, Wayne Bruin Lodge
D1-H043 416 Oak Lane, Wayne Bruin Lodge
D1-H044 417 Oak Lane, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H045 418 Oak Lane, Wayne Bruin Lodge
D1-H046 419 Oak Lane, Wayne  
D1-H047 423 Oak Lane, Wayne Flemish House
D1-H048 105 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H049 109 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H050 110 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H051 111 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H052 112-114 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H053 115 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H054 116-118 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H055 119 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H056 120 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H057 121 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H058 123 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H059 124 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H060 125 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H061 126 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H062 128-130 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H063 129-131 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H064 133-135 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H065 134 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H066 136 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H067 200 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H068 201 Poplar Avenue, Wayne (demolished)
D1-H069 202 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H070 203 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H071 204 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H072 205 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H073 206 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H074 207 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H075 208 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H076 209 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H077 210 Poplar Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H078 211 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H079 212 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H080 213 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H081 214 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H082 215 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H083 216 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H084 217 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H085 218 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H086 219 Poplar Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H087 221 Poplar Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H088 223 Poplar Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H089 224 Poplar Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H090 225 Poplar Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H091 227 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H092 228 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H093 230 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H094 232 Poplar Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H095 221 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D1-H096 223 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D1-H097 225 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D1-H098 227 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D1-H099 250 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D1-H100 302 Radnor Street Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H100 241 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H101 304 Radnor Street Road, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H102 410 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D1-H103 414 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D1-H104 416 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D1-H105 100 Walnut Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H106 102 Walnut Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H107 103 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H108 106 Walnut Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H109 108 Walnut Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H110 111 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Japanese House
D1-H111 115-119 Walnut Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H112 116 Walnut Avenue, Wayne The Roost
D1-H113 118 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H114 121 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Medium Cottage
D1-H115 122 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Old Colonial House
D1-H116 124 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Medium Cottage
D1-H117 125 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H118 129 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H119 130 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Tower House
D1-H120 131 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Medium Cottage
D1-H121 134 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Round End House
D1-H122 135 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H123 200 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Tower House
D1-H124 201 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Round End House
D1-H125 206 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Old Colonial House
D1-H126 207 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Japanese House
D1-H127 210 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn, Cozy Nook
D1-H128 211 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Tower House
D1-H129 214 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H130 215 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H131 216 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Japanese House
D1-H132 217 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Medium Cottage
D1-H133 220 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H134 221 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Japanese House
D1-H135 223 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Medium Cottage
D1-H136 227 Walnut Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H137 228 Walnut Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H138 233 Walnut Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H139 234 Walnut Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H140 235 Walnut Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1-H141 201 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H142 205 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H143 207 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H144 208 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H145 210 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H146 300 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H147 304 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Wesley Hotel (south wing)
D1-H148 306 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Wesley Hotel (north wing)
D1-H149 307 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H150 308 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H151 310 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H152 311 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H153 312 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H154 314 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H155 315 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H156 316 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H157 400 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H158 401 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H159 402 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H160 403 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H161 404 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H162 405 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H163 406 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H164 407 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H165 409 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H166 415 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H167 417 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H168 419 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Pillar House
D1-H169 401 Woodland Avenue, Wayne Round End House
D1-H170 406 Woodland Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H171 407 Woodland Avenue, Wayne Flemish House
D1-H172 410 Woodland Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H173 414 Woodland Avenue, Wayne  
D1-H174 417 Woodland Avenue, Wayne New Tower House
D1-H175 418 Woodland Avenue, Wayne Gabled Inn
D1-H176 421 Woodland Avenue, Wayne Flemish House
D1-H177 424 Woodland Avenue, Wayne Flemish House
D1-H178 425 Woodland Avenue, Wayne Round End House
D1-H179 501 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H180 503 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H181 504 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H182 505 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H183 506 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H184 507 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H185 508 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H186 509 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H187 510 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H188 511 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-H189 512 Woodland Court, Wayne  
D1-O01 NW corner of Oak Lane and Walnut Avenue, Wayne Gulph Creek abutment (north)
D1-O02 NW corner of Oak Lane and Walnut Avenue, Wayne Gulph Creek abutment (south)
D1a-H01 113 West Beechtree Lane, Wayne The Homestead / The Finley House
D1a-H02 114 West Beechtree Lane, Wayne  
D1a-H03 116 West Beechtree Lane, Wayne  
D1a-H04 200 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H05 202 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H06 204 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H07 206 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H08 208 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H09 401 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H10 405-407 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H11 409-411 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H12 413-415 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H13 414 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H14 416-418 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H15 417-419 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H16 420-422 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H17 421-423 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H18 425-427 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H19 426-428 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H20 429-431 West Beechtree Lane Wayne  
D1a-H21 400 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H22 404 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H23 406 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H24 409 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-H25 411-413 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H26 412 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-H27 414 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H28 415 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H29 416 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H30 417-419 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H31 418 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H32 420 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H33 421 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H34 422 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H35 423 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H36 425 North Bellevue Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H37 500 Chestnut Lane, Wayne  
D1a-H38 501 Chestnut Lane, Wayne  
D1a-H39 502 Chestnut Lane, Wayne  
D1a-H40 503 Chestnut Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-H41 14 Fariston Road, Wayne  
D1a-H42 15 Fariston Road, Wayne  
D1a-H43 17 Fariston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-H44 18 Fariston Road, Wayne  
D1a-H45 19 Fariston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-H46 20 Fariston Road, Wayne  
D1a-H47 21 Fariston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-H48 23 Fariston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-H49 24 Fariston Road, Wayne  
D1a-H50 25 Fariston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-H51 26 Fariston Road, Wayne  
D1a-H52 30 Fariston Road, Wayne  
D1a-H53 34 Fariston Road, Wayne  
D1a-H55 112 Woodland Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H56 113 Woodland Avenue, Wayne  
D1a-H57 38 Fariston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D1a-P01 118 West Beechtree Lane, Wayne, Merryvale clubhouse
D1a-P02 1 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne Camac's / John's Village Market
District 2 - South Wayne
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List  Map
D2 South Wayne South Wayne Historic District
D2-H002 201 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H003 203 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H004 205 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H005 207 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H006 209 S. Aberdeen Ave., Wayne  
D2-H007 210 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H008 213 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H009 215 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H010 218 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H011 219 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H012 221 S. Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H013 224 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H014 296 Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H015 298 S. Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H016 302 Audubon Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H017 305 Audubon Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H018 401 Audubon Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H019 405 Audubon Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H020 406 Audubon Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H021 107 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne Kingsway Apartments
D2-H022 108 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H023 114 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H024 115 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H025 120 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H026 123 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H027 124 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H028 125 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H029 128 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H030 201 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H031 204 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H032 206 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H033 208 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H034 212 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H035 216 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H036 220 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H037 223 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H038 224 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H039 229 Bloomingdale Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H040 169 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H041 187 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H042 189 Conestoga Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H043 219 Conestoga Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H044 221 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H045 223 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H046 227 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H047 235-237 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H048 245 Conestoga Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H049 311 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H050 313 Conestoga Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H051 317 Conestoga Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H052 319 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H053 321 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H054 323 Conestoga Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H055 325 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H056 365 Conestoga Road, Wayne Betsfred / Tanivul
D2-H057 401 Conestoga Road, St. Davids  
D2-H058 408 Conestoga Road, Wayne  
D2-H059 206 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H060 207 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H061 209 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H062 210 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H063 211 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H064 214 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H065 215 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H066 218 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H067 219 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H068 223 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H069 224 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H070 225 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H071 226 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H072 229 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H073 230 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H074 270 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H075 272 Lansdowne Avenue Wayne  
D2-H076 210 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H077 211 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H078 215 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H079 216 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H080 217 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H081 218 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H082 219 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H083 220 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H084 221 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H085 224 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H086 225 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H087 226 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H088 227 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H089 228 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H090 229 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H091 230 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H092 231 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H093 232 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H094 233 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H095 234 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H096 235 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H097 236 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H098 237 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H099 238 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H101 243 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H102 245 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H103 339 Lenoir Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H104 311 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H105 314 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H106 319 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H107 320 Louella Avenue, Wayne Trumbauer, Horace House / Watt, John H. House
D2-H108 326 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H109 327 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H110 331 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H111 334 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H112 339 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H113 340 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H114 348 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H115 407 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H116 424 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H117 439 Louella Avenue, Wayne Graystone
D2-H118 517 Louella Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H119 521 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H120 527 Louella Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H121 400 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H122 403 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H123 407 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H124 409 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H125 410 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H126 420 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H127 421 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H128 430 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H129 200 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H130 201 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H131 202 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H132 203 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H133 204 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H134 205 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H135 206 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H136 207 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H137 208 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H138 209 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H139 210 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H140 211 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H141 212 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H142 213 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H143 214 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H144 215 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H145 216 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H146 217 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H147 219 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H148 221 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H149 300 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H150 301 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H151 308 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H152 309 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H153 310 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H154 311 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H155 314 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H156 317 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H157 318 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H158 320 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H159 321 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H161 324 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H162 327 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H163 328 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H164 401 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H165 402 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H166 403 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H167 407 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H168 408 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H169 411 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H170 414 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H171 415 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H172 420 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H173 421 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H174 427 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H175 428 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H176 429 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H177 430 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H178 431 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H179 432 Midland Avenue, Wayne McDonald, L.G. House
D2-H180 437 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H181 439 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H182 210 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H183 211 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H184 212 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H185 213 Orchard Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H186 214 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H187 215 Orchard Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H188 219 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H189 222 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H190 230 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H191 231 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H192 237 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H193 301 Orchard Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H194 302 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H195 303 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H196 304 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H197 309 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H198 311 Orchard Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H199 312 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H200 315 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H201 316 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H202 319 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H203 320 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H204 321 Orchard Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H205 324 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H206 405 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H207 410 Orchard Way, Wayne  
D2-H208 414 Orchard Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H209 101-103 Owens Lane, Wayne  
D2-H210 102-104 Owens Lane, Wayne  
D2-H211 105-107 Owens Lane, Wayne  
D2-H212 106-108 Owens Lane, Wayne  
D2-H213 109-111 Owens Lane, Wayne  
D2-H214 100 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne Car-Alan
D2-H215 201 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H216 205 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H217 209 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H218 210 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H219 213 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H220 215 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H221 217 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H222 218 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H223 219 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H224 220 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H225 222 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H226 224 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H227 225 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H228 227 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H229 233 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H230 234 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H231 235 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H232 237 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H233 249 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H234 250 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H235 254 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H236 325 Pembroke Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H237 100 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H238 112 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H239 113 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H240 114 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H241 115 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H242 116 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H243 119 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H244 121 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H245 125 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H246 130 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H247 131 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H248 132 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H249 133 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H250 134 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H251 135 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H252 136 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H253 138 Runnymede Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H254 215 St. Davids Court, Wayne  
D2-H255 221 St. Davids Court, Wayne  
D2-H256 205 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H257 209 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H258 301 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H259 305 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H260 313 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H261 316 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H262 319 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H263 321 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H264 323 St. Davids Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H265 326 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H266 328 St. Davids Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H267 330 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H268 400 St. David’s Road, Wayne  
D2-H269 407 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H270 412 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H271 413 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H272 414 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H273 415 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H274 416 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H275 417 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H276 418 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H277 419 St. Davids Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H278 420 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H279 421 St. Davids Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H280 423 St. David’s Rd., Wayne  
D2-H281 427 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H282 505 St. Davids Road, Wayne  
D2-H283 201 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H284 203 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H285 206 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H286 207 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H287 208 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H288 211 Upland Way, Wayne  
D2-H289 212 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H290 215 Upland Way, Wayne  
D2-H291 216 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H292 220 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H293 222 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H294 224 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H295 225 Upland Way, Wayne  
D2-H296 226 Upland Way, Wayne  
D2-H297 229 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H298 236 Upland Way, Wayne  
D2-H299 246 Upland Way, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H300 214 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H301 220 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H302 221 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H303 224 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H304 225 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H305 228 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H306 230 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H307 235 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H308 301 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H309 303 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H310 307 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H311 309 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H312 310 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H313 315 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H314 316 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H315 319 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H316 320 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H317 321 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H318 112 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H319 119 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H320 120 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H321 121 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H322 123 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H323 124 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H324 128 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H325 132 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H326 136 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H327 140 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H328 141 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H329 142 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H330 200 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H331 202 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H332 203 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H333 204 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H334 205 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H335 206 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H336 207 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H337 208 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H338 209 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H339 210 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H340 211 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H341 212 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H342 213 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H343 215 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H344 221 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H345 225 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H346 228 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H347 230-232 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H348 116 Windermere Avenue, Wayne Winderemere Court Apartments
D2-H349 200 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H350 201 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H351 202 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H352 206 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H353 210 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H354 211 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H355 213 Windermere Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H356 214 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H357 215 Windermere Avenue, Wayne Alberdor
D2-H358 217 Windermere Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-H359 218 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H360 222 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H361 226 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H362 227 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H363 230 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H364 234 Windermere Avenue, Wayne  
D2-H365 235 Windermere Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D2-O01 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne Wayne Keystone Marker: South Wayne Avenue
D2-P01 117 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne Saturday Club of Wayne
D2-P02 229 West Wayne Avenue, Wayne Adelberger's Florist
D2a-H01 515 Brookside Avenue, Wayne  
D2a-H02 525 Brookside Avenue, Wayne  
D2a-H03 322 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Colonial House / St. Davids Post Office
D2a-H04 420 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D2a-H05 422 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
District 3 - Louella Court
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D3-H01 40 Louella Court, Wayne Louella
D3-H02 14 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H03 15 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H04 17-19 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H05 20 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H06 23 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H07 25-27 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H08 29 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H09 31 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H10 33-35 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H11 37-39 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H11 40 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H12 41-43 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H13 45 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H14 47-49 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H15 51 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H16 53 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-H160 323 Midland Avenue, Wayne  
D3-P01 3 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-P02 4 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-P03 6 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-P04 7 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-P05 10 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-P06 11 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-P07 12 Louella Court, Wayne  
D3-P08 26 Louella Court  
District 4 - Downtown Wayne
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D4 Southeast side of Lancaster and South Wayne Avenues Downtown Wayne
D4-64 119 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-B01 North Wayne Avenue at Station Avenue and West Avenue Pennsylvania Railroad bridge
D4-E01 135 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne Wayne Grammar School / RTSD Administration Building
D4-E02   Sulpizio Gymnasium
D4-O01   Radnor War Memorial
D4-O02 W. Lancaster Avenue, north side, east of Bellevue Avenue Wayne Keystone Marker - Lancaster Avenue
D4-P 108 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P01 100 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P02 101 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne Wayne Lyceum Hall / Wayne Opera House / Colonial Building
D4-P03 102-104 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P04 106 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P05 108 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P06 110 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P07 112 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P08 114-116 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P09 118 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P10 120 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P11 122 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P12 124 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P13 126 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P14 128 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P15 130 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P16 132-136 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P17 139 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Waynewood Hotel / Wayne Hotel
D4-P18 148 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne Bell Telephone Building
D4-P19 150-152 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P20 155 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P21 163 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne Wayne Toy Town
D4-P22 168 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne Argus Building
D4-P23 175 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P24-1 183 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P24-2 185 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P24-3 189 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P25-1 193-195 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P25-2 197-199 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P26-1 201 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P26-2 205 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P27 211 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P28 212 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P29 217 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P30 218 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P31 223-225 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P32 226 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P33 227 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P34 228 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P35 229 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P36 230-232 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P37 231-233 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P38 234 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P39 236 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P40 238-240 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P41 100 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Wayne Title & Trust Co.
D4-P42 101 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P43 105 W. Lancaster Ave., Wayne  
D4-P44 110 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne George W. Childs Memorial Library
D4-P45 111 W. Lancaster Ave., Wayne Anthony Wayne Theatre
D4-P46-1 118 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P46-2 120 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P46-3 122 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P46-4 124 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P46-5 126 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P47 123 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P48 127 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P49 128 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P50 130 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P51 132-136 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P52 157 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P53 161, 163, 165, 167 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P54 201 W. Lancaster Ave., Wayne E.B. Maguire Ford
D4-P55 103 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P56 104 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P57 105 N. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P58 107-109 N. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P59 108 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P60 110 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P61 111 N. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P62 112-116 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P63 118, 120, 122, 124, 126, 128 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P65 121 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P66 123 N. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P67 125-129 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne  
D4-P68 131-133 N. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P69 134 N. Wayne Avenue, Wayne Maguire Building
D4-P70 108 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne Wayne Post Office
D4-P71-1 105 S. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P71-2 107 S. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P71-3 109 S. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P71-4 111 S. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P71-5 113 S. Wayne Ave., Wayne  
D4-P72 106-110 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne Aman Building
D4-R01 125 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Wayne Presbyterian Church
D4-R02 103 Louella Avenue, Wayne St. Mary's Episcopal Church
D4-R03 108 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Central Baptist Church
D4-R04 210 South Wayne Avenue, Wayne Wayne United Methodist Church
D4-R05 104 S. Aberdeen Ave. Wayne St. Katharine of Siena Catholic Church
D4-T01 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Wayne Train Station
D4-T02 West Lancaster Avenue at North Wayne Avenue, Wayne Milemarker: 13 M to P
District 5 - St. Davids
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List  Map
D5 Chamounix Road and St. Davids Avenue St. Davids Historic District
D5-B01 Chamounix Road Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge at Chamounix Road
D5-H001 350 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H002 365 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H003 373 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H004 402 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H005 422 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H006 430 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H007 438 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H008 455 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H009 459 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H010 463 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H011 465 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H012 467 Belrose Lane, Wayne  
D5-H013 2 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H014 3 Cambria Court, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H015 102 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H016 105 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H017 106 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H018 107 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H019 110 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H020 111 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H021 112 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H022 114 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H023 115 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H024 116 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H025 119 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H026 123 Cambria Court, Wayne  
D5-H027 1 Canterbury Lane, Wayne  
D5-H028 2 Canterbury Lane, Wayne  
D5-H029 3 Canterbury Lane, Wayne  
D5-H030 4 Canterbury Lane, Wayne  
D5-H031 5 Canterbury Lane, Wayne  
D5-H032 6 Canterbury Lane, Wayne  
D5-H033 7 Canterbury Lane, Wayne  
D5-H034 114 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H035 128 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H036 134 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H037 138 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H038 200 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H039 223 Chamounix Road, Wayne Edmary Lawn
D5-H040 224 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H041 228 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H042 231 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H043 235 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H044 238 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H045 239 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H046 240 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H047 244 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H048 251 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H049 252 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H050 260 Chamounix Road, Wayne Thornhedge
D5-H051 263 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H052 270 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H053 301 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H054 302 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H055 306 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H056 308 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H057 309 Chamounix Road, Wayne Fran-Marth
D5-H058 310 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H059 312 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H060 314 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H061 316 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H062 318 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H063 324 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H064 330 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H065 333 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H066 340 Chamounix Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H067 352 Chamounix Road, Wayne  
D5-H068 248 Chamounix Circle, Wayne Thornhedge Carriage House
D5-H069 256 Chamounix Circle, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H070 100 Cornwall Lane, Wayne  
D5-H071 113 Cornwall Lane, Wayne  
D5-H072 121 Cornwall Lane, Wayne Edmary Lawn Carriage House
D5-H073 124 Cornwall Lane, Wayne  
D5-H074 125 Cornwall Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H075 130 Cornwall Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H076 2 Fairview Drive, Wayne  
D5-H077 7 Fairview Drive, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H078 11 Fairview Drive, Wayne Windybrow
D5-H079 15 Fairview Drive, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H080 23 Fairview Drive, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H081 27 Fairview Drive, Wayne Edgewood
D5-H082 1 Fenimore Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H083 2 Fenimore Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H084 3 Fenimore Lane, Wayne  
D5-H085 4 Fenimore Lane, Wayne  
D5-H086 7 Fenimore Lane, Wayne  
D5-H087 8 Fenimore Lane, Wayne  
D5-H088 9 Fenimore Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H089 451 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H090 454 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H091 455 Glenmary Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H092 462 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H093 470 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H094 471 Glenmary Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H095 475 Glenmary Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H096 478 Glenmary Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H097 486 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H098 490 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H099 506 Glenmary Road, St. Davids  
D5-H100 600 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H101 601 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H102 602 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H103 606 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H104 607 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H105 610 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H106 614 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H107 618 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H108 622 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H109 623 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H110 626 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H111 627 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H112 630 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H113 672 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H114 676 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H115 680 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H116 686 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H117 690 Glenmary Lane, Wayne  
D5-H118 101 Glynn Lane, Wayne  
D5-H119 103 Glynn Lane, Wayne  
D5-H120 109 Glynn Lane, Wayne  
D5-H121 110 Glynn Lane, Wayne  
D5-H122 114 Glynn Lane, Wayne  
D5-H123 117 Glynn Lane, Wayne  
D5-H124 502 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H125 503 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H126 506 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H127 510 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H128 514 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H129 515 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H130 518 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H131 519 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H132 522 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H133 523 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H134 526 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H135 527 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H136 530 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H137 531 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H138 534 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H139 535 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H140 537 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H141 538 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H142 539 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H143 542 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H144 546 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H145 547 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H146 550 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H147 558 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H148 562 Hilaire Road, Wayne  
D5-H149 401 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H150 420 Huston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H151 425 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H152 446 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H153 458 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H154 459 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H155 470 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H156 500 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H157 501 Huston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H158 515 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H159 525 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H160 555 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H161 565 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H162 575 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H163 579 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H164 600 Huston Road, Wayne  
D5-H165 626 Huston Road, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H166 427 Ithan Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H167 428 Ithan Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H168 344 King of Prussia Road, Wayne  
D5-H169 424 King of Prussia Road, Wayne Bolingbroke
D5-H170 516 King of Prussia Road, Wayne  
D5-H171 401 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne Bateman-Gallagher American Legion Post
D5-H172 405 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H173 407 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H174 409 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H175 411 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H176 413 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H177 415-417 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H178 427 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H179 513 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H180 523 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H181 527 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H182 531 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H183 329 Montgomery Lane, Wayne  
D5-H184 501 Montgomery Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H185 505 Montgomery Lane, Wayne  
D5-H186 506 Montgomery Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H187 511 Montgomery Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H188 512 Montgomery Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H189 516 Montgomery Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H190 520 Montgomery Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H191 526 Montgomery Lane, Wayne  
D5-H192 538 Montgomery Lane, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H193 2 Paul Road, Wayne  
D5-H194 371 Rose Glen Dr.  
D5-H195 443 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H196 451 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H197 473 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H198 481 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H199 486 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H200 489 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H201 493 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H202 497 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H203 502 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H204 503 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H205 506 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H206 509 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H207 510 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H208 514 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H209 515 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H210 524 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H211 527 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H212 528 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H213 532 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H214 538 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H215 539 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H216 540 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H217 544 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H218 545 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-H219 547 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H220 548 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H221 552 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H222 556 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H223 324 Walnut Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H224 332 Walnut Avenue, Wayne  
D5-H225 350 Walnut Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D5-L01 Eagle Road, Paul Road, Chamounix Road, Wayne Fenimore Woods/Edgewood Lake
D5-L01A   Stone bridge at Fenimore Woods
D5-R01 424 King Of Prussia Road, Wayne St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
D5-S01 Eagle Road, Wayne Wildwoods Stable (stone building at Fenimore Woods)
D5-S02 119 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D5-T01   St. Davids Pennsylvania Railroad outbound shed
District 6 - St. Davids West
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D6-B01 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge at North Aberdeen Avenue
D6-H001 105 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H002 106 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H003 108 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H004 110 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H005 112-114 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H006 116 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D6-H007 200-202 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H008 201-203 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H009 205-207 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H010 209-211 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H011 210 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H012 212 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H013 213-215 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H014 214 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H015 216 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H016 234 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H017 236 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne J.D. Lengel house
D6-H018 235-237 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H019 244-246 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H020 248-250 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H021 252 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H022 254-256 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H023 255-257 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H025 259-261 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H026 263-265 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H027 267-269 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H028 270-272 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H029 271-273 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H030 1 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H031 2-4 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H032 6-8 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H033 10 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H034 12 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H035 14-16 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H036 18 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H037 20-22 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H038 24-26 Aberdeen Terrace, Wayne  
D6-H039 17-19-21-25-27-29-31 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H040 125-127 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H041 129 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H042 131-133 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H043 135 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H044 137 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H045 139 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H046 203-205 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H047 301-303 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H048 302-304-306-308 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H049 305-307 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H050 309-311 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H051 101-103-105-107-109-111-113-115-117-119 Plant Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H052 121-123-125-127-129-131-133-135 Plant Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H053 132 Plant Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H054 134 Plant Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H055 137 Plant Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D6-H056 139 Plant Avenue, Wayne (noncontributing)
D6-H057 211 Plant Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H058 223-225 Plant Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H059 227-229 Plant Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H060 231-233 Plant Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H061 108-110 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D6-H062 111 Radnor Street Road, Wayne  
D6-H063 402-404 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H064 406-408 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H065 410 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H066 412-414 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H067 416-418 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H068 420 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H069 422 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H070 424-426 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H071 428 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H072 430 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H073 432-434 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H074 436-438 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H075 440-442 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H076 444-446 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H077 448-450 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H078 452 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H079 454 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H080 456 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H081 458 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H082 460-462 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H083 464 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H084 466 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H085 468 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H086 470 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H087 472 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H088 474 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H089 476 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H090 478 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H091 480 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H092 482 St. Davids Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H093 228 Willow Avenue, Wayne Wayne Natatorium office
D6-H094 230-232 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H095 233 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H096 234-236 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H097 235-237 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H098 238-240 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H099 239 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H100 241-243 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H101 242-244 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H102 245-247 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H103 246-248 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H104 249 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H105 250-252 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H106 251 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H107 253 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H108 254-256 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H109 255 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H110 257 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H111 258-260 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-H112 262-264 Willow Avenue, Wayne  
D6-O01 107 North Aberdeen Avenue, Wayne Stone wall from I. Walter Conner lumber yard
D6-P01 200 Plant Avenue, Wayne Wayne Steam Heat Building
D6-P02 147 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wayne L.K. Burket
D6-P02A   L.K. Burket Garage
D6-T01   Railroad trestle support from L.K. Burket
District 7 - Ithan
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D7 Conestoga Road Ithan Historic District
D7-E01 610 Newtown Road, Villanova, School House
D7-H01 569 Conestoga Road, Villanova Wayside
D7-H02 577 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
D7-H03 581 Conestoga Road, Villanova Green Hedges
D7-H04 583 Conestoga Road, Villanova School House Lot / Morgan, Mordecai House
D7-H05 616 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
D7-H07 617 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
D7-H07 623 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
D7-H08 634 Conestoga Road, Villanova Leedom, David House (Glynython)
D7-H08A 626 Conestoga Road, Villanova Leedom, David Outbuilding
D7-H09 647 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
D7-H10 651 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
D7-H11 615 Newtown Road, Villanova Maule, Jacob House / Atterbury House
D7-H12 101 Radnor Avenue, Villanova  
D7-H13 105 Radnor Avenue, Villanova (noncontributing)
D7-H14 108 Radnor Avenue, Villanova (noncontributing)
D7-H15 109 Radnor Avenue, Villanova  
D7-H16 112 Radnor Avenue, Villanova  
D7-H17 116 Radnor Avenue, Villanova  
D7-H18 117 Radnor Avenue, Villanova (noncontributing)
D7-H19 118 Radnor Avenue, Villanova  
D7-H20 120-122 Radnor Avenue, Villanova  
D7-H21 121 Radnor Avenue, Villanova (noncontributing)
D7-H22 123 Radnor Avenue, Villanova (noncontributing)
D7-H23 125 Radnor Avenue, Villanova (noncontributing)
D7-H24 126-128 Radnor Avenue, Villanova  
D7-H25 129 Radnor Avenue, Villanova (noncontributing)
D7-H26 131 Radnor Avenue, Villanova  
D7-P01 601 Conestoga Road, Villanova Old Country Store
D7-P02 641-643 Conestoga Road, Villanova Odd Fellows Hall
D7-P03 613-619 Conestoga Road, Villanova  
D7-R01 Conestoga Road & Route 320, Radnor Radnor Friends Meeting House
District 8 - Ardrossan
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D8-1 Godfrey Road, Newtown Road Montgomery Apartments
D8-10   Southern Camp Run Complex
D8-11 Godfrey Road Samuel Miles Farmstead
D8-12 Newtown Road, Villanova The Grange
D8-13 705 Church Road, Villanova Hopeland
D8-14 243 Abraham’s Lane, Villanova Sayen Barn Complex
D8-15 245 Abrahams Lane, Villanova Orchard Lodge
D8-2   Murray House Complex
D8-3 Newtown Road, Villanova Stone wall along Newtown Road
D8-4 807 Newtown Road, Villanova Ardrossan
D8-5   Site of Iddings Homestead
D8-6a 555 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova Lewis, Levi II House / Hickory Hall
D8-6e 567 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova Holly Tree House, Thomas, Thomas House
D8-7   Saw Mill Rd. Complex
D8-8 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova Radnor School No. 7
D8-9   Northern Camp Run Complex
District 9 - Garrett Hill
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D9-H001 247 Beechwood Drive, Rosemont  
D9-H002 250 Beechwood Drive, Rosemont  
D9-H003 257 Beechwood Drive, Rosemont  
D9-H004 258 Beechwood Drive, Rosemont  
D9-H005 266 Beechwood Drive, Rosemont  
D9-H006 267 Beechwood Drive, Rosemont  
D9-H007 270 Beechwood Drive, Rosemont  
D9-H008 277 Beechwood Drive, Rosemont  
D9-H009 205 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H010 209 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H011 213 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H012 217 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H013 221 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H014 225 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H015 229 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H016 231-233 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H017 234 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H018 235 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H019 239 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H020 240 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H021 241 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H022 245 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H023 246 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H024 249 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H025 250 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H026 251 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H027 253 Callanan Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H028 819 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-H029 823 Conestoga Road, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H030 829 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-H031 831 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-H032 833 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-H033 912 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-H034 916 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-H035 924 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-H036 926 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-H037 103-105 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H038 106 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H039 107-109 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H040 110-112 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H041 111-113 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H042 114 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H043 115-117 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H044 116-118 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H045 122 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H046 125 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H047 126-128 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H048 127-129 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H049 130-132 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H050 131-133 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H051 134-136 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H052 135-137 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H053 138-140 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H054 141 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H055 142-144 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H056 145 Eachus Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H057 15 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H058 18 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H059 24 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H060 26 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H061 28 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H062 29 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H063 30 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H064 31 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H065 34-38 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H066 35 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H067 39 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H068 40-42 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H069 41 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H070 43 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H071 44 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H072 45 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H073 46 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H074 47 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H075 49 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H076 50 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H077 51 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H078 54-58 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H079 60 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H080 62 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H081 64 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H082 66 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H083 68 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H084 70 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H085 72 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H086 74-76 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H087 102-104 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H088 103 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H089 105 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H090 106 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H091 107-111 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H092 108 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H093 110 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H094 112 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H095 114 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H096 115-117 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H097 116 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H098 118 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H099 120 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H100 122-124 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H101 123 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H102 125 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H103 126 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H104 130 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H105 136 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H106 137 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H107 138-140-142-144-146 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H108 141 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H109 147 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H110 151 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H111 1-3 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H112 2-4 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H113 9-11 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H114 10-12 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H115 16 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H116 17-19 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H117 18-20 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H118 23 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H119 25-27 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H120 29 Good Shepherd Terrace, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H121 19 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H122 25 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H123 29-31 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H124 33-35 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H125 37-39 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H126 41-43 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H127 103-105 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H128 107 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H129 115 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H130 123 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H131 137 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H132 139-141 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H133 145-147 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H134 149 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H135 151 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H136 153 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H137 155 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H138 158 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H139 200 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H140 201-203 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H141 202 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H142 204 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H143 205-207 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H144 206 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H145 209-211 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H146 212-214 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H147 216 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H148 218 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H149 220 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H150 222 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H151 226 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H152 230 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H153 239 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H154 241-243 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H155 245-247 Lowry's Lane, Rosemont  
D9-H156 166-168 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H157 170-172 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H158 174-176 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H159 175 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H160 177-179 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H161 178-180 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H162 182-184 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H163 181-183 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H164 185-187 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H165 186-188 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H166 189-191 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H167 190-192 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-H168 194 Meredith Avenue, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-H169 113-115 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H170 117-119 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H171 121-123 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H172 125-127 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H173 129-131 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H174 133-135 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H175 137-139 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H176 141-143 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H177 145-147 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H178 149-151 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-H179 153-155 Summit Terrace, Rosemont  
D9-L01 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont Emlen Tunnell Field / Rosemont Elementary Field
D9-O01 Conestoga Road, Rosemont "Old Conestoga Road" marker
D9-P01 827 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-P02 902 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-P03 904-908 Conestoga Road, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-P04 905-907 Conestoga Road, Rosemont (noncontributing)
D9-P05 910 Conestoga Road, Rosemont  
D9-P06 157-159 Garrett Avenue, Rosemont  
D9-R01 930 Conestoga Road, Bryn Mawr Radnor Methodist Church
D9-S01   Chetwynd Carriage House
D9-T01   P&W concrete bridge supports from former Rosemont Elementary School
District 10 - Villanova University
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D10 Lancaster Avenue Villanova University Campus
D10-B01 North Ithan Avenue, Villanova Pennsylvania Railroad bridge at North Ithan Avenue
D10-E01 Villanova University St. Rita Hall
D10-E02   Villanova Field House
D10-H01 Villanova Campus Dundale / Doyle Mansion
D10-R01 Villanova University campus St. Thomas of Villanova
D10-T01 N. Spring Mill Road, Villanova Villanova Station
District 11 - VFMA/Cabrini/Eastern
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D11-B02 Eagle Road, Wayne Eagle Road Stone Bridge
D11-E01   Hamilton/Wheeler Hall
D11-E02   Lee Hall
D11-E03   Von Steuben Hall
D11-H01 610 King of Prussia Road, Radnor Woodcrest
D11-H01A   Woodcrest Stables / Grace Hall
D11-H01B   Woodcrest Gate House
D11-H01C   Pumphouse / Emmaus House
D11-H01D   Woodcrest Gates and Fence
D11-H02 Eastern University Walmarthan / Walton Hall
D11-H02A   Walmarthon Gate House
D11-H02B   Walmarthon Garage / Andrews Hall
D11-H02C   Walmarthon Waterwheel
D11-H02D   Gym Cottage
D11-H02E   Stable / Mall Cottage
D11-H02F   Walmarthon stone wall - along Fairview Drive
D11-H02G   Walmarthon Gazebo Foundation
D11-H02H   Stone footbridge
D11-H03   Dreamwold / Ott Hall
D11-H03A   Dreamwold Carriage House / Adams Hall
D11-H04   Bonalton / Doane Residence Hall
D11-H04A   Bonalton Carriage House / Grounds Building
D11-H05   Workman Hall
D11-H06   Harwinton / Fowler Hall
D11-O01   Pennsylvania Station (New York) Eagle
D11-S01 Q25 Eagle Road, Wayne Gate House
D11-S02 Q29 Eagle Road, Wayne Stone garage
District 12 - Banjotown
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D12-H01 16-20 Matlack Avenue, Villanova  
D12-H02 22 Matlack Avenue, Villanova  
D12-H03 23 Matlack Avenue, Villanova  
D12-H04 25 Matlack Avenue, Villanova  
D12-H05 29 Matlack Avenue, Villanova  
D12-H06 710 Newtown Road, Villanova  
D12-H07 720 Newtown Road, Villanova  
D12-H08 724 Newtown Road, Villanova  
D12-H09 728 Newtown Road, Villanova  

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