The Radnor Historical Society is committed to preserve, protect, present, and promote the history of Radnor Township.

Since 1947, the Radnor Historical Society has been working to promote our mission. Our volunteers are our heartbeat, helping us archive our collection, promote our events and maintain the Finley House, our headquarters.

If you are interested in what we do, please consider becoming a member, or even help us by volunteering.

Board Members

Ted Pollard
George Strimel
Arthur Hartel
Lynn Ellis  

Beverlee Barnes        
Douglas Brown        
Mary Coe        
James Collins        
Samuel F. Etris        
Nancy Fischer        
Evie Giegerich        

Vice President

        Phil Graham
        Mary McGinn
        Steve Pendergast
        Andrea Pilling
        Greg Prichard
        Sally Spargo

John Dale         Bennett Hill


Some of our current projects


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